NE Locations & Hours

You never go anywhere without first finding out where you are going of course, and there is no difference when you are visiting the DMV. However, with every city and every county holding a variety of DMV offices, you want to pinpoint the right office before you set out to receive the services that you need to drive or operate your vehicle. Also, you need to know what hours these offices are open so you aren’t making any blank trips that consume gas and disrupt your own schedule.

The when and where not the only questions to ask either as there are different services provided within the DMV, divided between offices in each county. While you may find one office offering a select few services, there may be others that offer all services for NE drivers.

So what services do you receive through the NEBRASKA DMV?

·         Driver’s licensing

·         Identification cards

·         Vehicle registration

·         Vehicle titling

·         License testing

·         Vehicle and driver reports

·         Changes of address

·         Road tests

·         Title and registration transfers

In most counties, you will find a driver’s licensing center that will handle the vehicle services such as registration and titling, while the Clerk of Courts could also offer these services in smaller counties. At the same time, there are driver’s licensing services offered in the designated offices, offering a smoother flow to services and less waiting around.

With, you can get all the needed information about your county’s specific DMV offices, including:

·         Address

·         Services offered in each office

·         Phone numbers

·         Appointment setting

·         Holiday hours and closings

·         Payment methods

·         Hours of operation

·         Online services offered

You don’t want to waste your time and a trip to the wrong DMV office, or even the right office at the wrong time. You also don’t want to travel to the DMV if the services you need are offered online.

Driver’s Licensing Centers

If your county of NE has individual driver’s licensing offices, you can expect the following services to be offered:

·         Driver’s records

·         License written exams

·         License and ID photos

·         Driver’s licensing and permits

·         ID cards

·         License and ID renewals and replacements

·         License reinstatement

Vehicle Servicing Centers

When you find individual vehicle servicing centers in NEBRASKA, you can expect the following services to be offered:

·         Specialty license plates

·         Standard license plates

·         Vehicle registration

·         Vehicle titling

·         VIN and vehicle reports

NE Emissions Testing Centers

If you are required in your NEBRASKA county to complete emissions testing, you should find the right testing center in your area. You can find a full directory of these centers at the NE DMV, even online at the website. Search by region to find the closest emissions testing center near you. For more information about the emissions regulations and standards in your area, visit the NEBRASKA DMV website online before registering your vehicle.

DMV Appointments

Before you visit the DMV, check to see whether you can set an appointment for the services you need or not. Services like road exams often require an appointment is set first, so be sure that you contact the NE DMV before you plan to get the services you need. You can even check online to see whether you can set the appointment through the website saving you time and offering more convenience.