NE Dealers & Auto Industry

What purpose does the NEBRASKA DMV serve if there aren’t those professionals out there selling the vehicles that are going through the Department of Motor Vehicles? You may be surprised to find that while the DMV is regulating the vehicles that are sold by dealerships and the auto industry, it also regulates the activities and functions of these professionals, ensuring that consumers are always top priority.

Auto Sales Licensing

Did you know that there is special licensing that can be obtained by auto salespersons who seek to enter the field with the highest credentials possible? This type of licensing is regulated through the NE DMV and is required for those seeking to sell vehicles from a dealership – ensuring that the safest and most ethical practices are underway.

At the same time, a dealership itself must be properly licensed to ensure that the regulations for the NE state vehicles are followed properly and that consumers are protected in the end of the transaction from fraud in vehicle sales as well as lemons. Regulations for these salespeople and dealerships include:

·         Requirements for appropriate paperwork completion and provision

·         Requirements for eligibility to sell or trade new or pre-owned vehicles

·         Requirements for signage of vehicles during transactions

·         Lemon Law and Consumer Protection issues and regulations

It is quite essential that you use as your source of all the information you could possibly need in the following matters:

·         Who can operate a dealership or sell vehicles in NEBRASKA?

·         What are the costs of operating a dealership or seeking a sales license?

·         How should forms be filed by the dealership or salespeople?

·         Where forms and paperwork should be sent or filed by dealerships and salespeople.

·         What are Consumer Rights and regulations?

·         What are wrongful practices of dealerships and salespeople, and what are those accepted and expected?

NE Dealer Licensing

You may find that dealer licensing in NEBRASKA is a lot more tedious than the process for standard driver’s licensing of any kind. The nature of the license and what it is used for requires that more steps and precautions are taken to ensure that only those most qualified are provided the opportunity to operate a dealership of any kind.

There are also different forms of dealership and dealer licensing depending on the type of vehicles sold or traded, which means that you really have to do a lot of homework in your efforts to become a NEBRASKA dealer of any kind. When in doubt, check with or the NEBRASKA DMV – which offers more information that you can use when it comes to dealer licensing in the state.

Types of Dealer Licensing

·         Brand new vehicles

·         Pre-owned vehicles

·         Brand new RV’s or motorhomes

·         Pre-owned RV’s or motorhomes

·         New or pre-owned trailers

·         New or pre-owned motorcycles

·         New or pre-owned mobile home trailers

·         New or pre-owned special vehicles of any type

·         New or pre-owned ATV, or all-terrain vehicles

Each type may require a different type of licensing and different requirements to be met.

There are many different steps from completing the application to submitting with the proper paperwork, proof of ownership of any dealership if applicable, proof of credentials if any, proof of physical location if necessary, costs of licensing, and even the renewal dates, which are often each year or every other year. All this information is invaluable to you as a dealer or dealership owner and you could get it all from to ensure that you follow the most appropriate steps to complete licensing as quickly and easily as you would most like.