Alabama DMV Driving Records

Don’t have patience to wait at the Alabama DMV to receive your DMV driving records? No problem! is your portal for fast, accurate DMV records.

So why obtain your Alabama DMV driving record? The most popular reason is to check the status of your driver’s license. However, you may have other reasons to request your DMV record, which might include any of the following:

  • To ensure that your DMV driving records do not contain errors
  • To view tickets, violations and points you have accumulated
  • To confirm dates of violations
  • To see if there are points you can eliminate through the completion of traffic school
  • To view the recorded auto accidents
  • To view what your potential employers will see prior to applying for a new job
  • To view your DMV records prior to applying for insurance

How Do Alabama DMV Records Work?

Alabama DMV records are maintained by the AL Department of Motor Vehicles. These records are a history of each driving error a driver has committed behind the wheel and been found guilty of. Each U.S. state works on a point system, and traffic tickets, violations and accidents are assigned a specific amount of points. Traffic tickets, violations and accidents also have a timeframe for which they will remain on your DMV record. As soon as the timeframe is up, the offense and points will be deleted from your record.

What Alabama DMV Driving Records Provide

Alabama DMV driving records show:

  • All auto collisions
  • All traffic tickets, violations, and fines
  • All suspensions, revocations and cancellations
  • All points accumulated against your driver’s license
Your Alabama DMV record will also contain your driver’s license classification and any endorsements.

Order a Copy of Your Alabama DMV Driving Record

If you’d like to obtain your DMV driving records through the AL Department of Motor Vehicles, visit your local DMV office. Simply bring your transaction fees with you to the DMV and request your records at the office. You may be required to wait while your request is processed. The records may be mailed to you, which can take up to two weeks. If you’d like to check with your local DMV office to see if they provide records onsite, visit our Hours and Locations section for your local DMV’s customer service telephone number.