AL Address Change

Moving to any new place is a great shift in not only your scenery, but your responsibilities as well. There are several different tasks that you must complete as you enter your new area, with a move to ALABAMA no different. There are several steps that you will take as you reach AL, starting with the simple address change with the postal office and the ALABAMA DMV office to ensure that your driving privileges are transferred over and that your documents are sent to the right address.

You must be sure to complete your AL address change promptly as there is a time limit that you must adhere to, with penalties possible if you ignore this limit.

Change Your ALABAMA Address Online

Changing your address in AL online is a simple task that you can do within only minutes. If you want to save a lot of time and a visit that you don’t want to go through within the DMV office, you can simply log on to the internet and get the change underway through the state’s own resources.

  1. Contact your new county DMV office to see if there is an internet portal offered for changing your address or what alternatives are offered.
  2. Visit the website appropriate and begin following the online directions on-screen, which will take you step by step through the process.
  3. Complete the address change and follow through with transferring your documents to ALABAMA.
These easy steps online could be the difference between a day long and a minute long task with the DMV.

Changing Your AL Address by Mail

You also have the option to change your address with the ALABAMA DMV through the mail, which can be just as simple of a task. There are address change forms offered by the DMV to ensure that you are able to complete this request by mail – which is going to be the same form that you use in office.

  1. Obtain your AL DMV Change of Address form.
  2. Complete the form and mail to the address indicated on the form or provided by the DMV.

Changing Document Addresses with the DMV

Just because you have the right address on file with the ALABAMA DMV doesn’t mean that all your documents are magically going to change as well. You can contact the DMV office to see what documents you will have to change yourself, with the two most common documents being your vehicle registration and title. If you aren’t sure how to change the address on these documents, you can ask for help from a DMV representative, who can walk through the steps with you.

Importance of an Address Change in AL

If you move to a new state, there are going to be several documents from the DMV needed to ensure you can drive legally in the state. If you haven’t changed your address with the ALABAMA DMV, there will be no way to get your documents to your new home on time so that you aren’t penalized for not submitting the forms needed or completing the necessary tasks in a timely manner.

Importance of an Address Change

As you may not see the importance of changing your address with the DMV as promptly as possible, the importance is there. In fact, there can be penalties, issues, and problems associated with your ability to drive your vehicle in the state of AL if you fail to complete your address change, as you should be put into the records as a new driver to the state. At the same time, all those important documents and reminders you look for from the DMV must be sent to the right address – which means you should have the right one on file.