AL License Plates & Placards

Getting a vehicle is so exciting, whether you are getting a new or used vehicle, and no matter what type it is. Especially if this is your first vehicle, you have some great feelings zooming around inside, as you get the freedom of your own wheels that nothing else can offer. However, you should have your thoughts in priority as you will not be given the permission to operate the vehicle without the appropriate plates, and there are placards offered for different types of drivers who need special accommodation when they drive or park.

Standard Plates in ALABAMA

Standard license plates are those plates that are given to you as you register your vehicle and will retain the state design with a state-issued license plate number. While these aren’t the only plates offered in AL, they are the most chosen due to easiness of ordering, as well as cost-efficiency as they are cheaper than specialty plates you also have to choose from.

  1. Register your vehicle with the AL DMV in-office.
  2. Pay your license plate fees with registration fees.
  3. Receive your plates and attach to the vehicle immediately.
  4. Affix your registration stickers to the tag and drive away.
Personalized License Plates in AL

If you want to go a bit outside the box and get license plates that have more personality from you, you can choose AL personalized plates, which offer you the choice of characters and design, as well as colors of the plate in some cases as well. These are also referred to as vanity plates, in which you choose 7 unique characters – or 5 if you are plating a motorcycle.

  1. Complete registration for your vehicle.
  2. Choose the personalized license plates by completing the appropriate application form.
  3. Pay fees according to fee schedule on application.
  4. Submit in-office as you would with standard plates.
  5. Receive your plates and affix stickers as you would on standard plates as well.
Remember to choose characters with modesty. If you choose an offensive phrase or collection of characters, it will be denied by the DMV and delay your tagging time.

ALABAMA Organizational License Plates

There are so many different drivers that take pride and effort in supporting a cause and organization, so why not add that pride to a vehicle? There are organizational license plates offered in AL, offering a logo or symbol of the group that you choose, with proceeds of your plates donated to that organization.

  1. Receive organization plate application from organization you are interested in.
  2. Complete and submit to DMV.
  3. Pay necessary fees for plating.
  4. Receive your plates and affix stickers.
Other Specialty Plates in ALABAMA

There are other special plates in the state of ALABAMA that allow you to get a plate outside of the standard basic license plates, while supporting a cause or showing who you really are – or even special plates that support your cause such as a disability or the military.

  • Military Veteran Plates
  • Special Fund Plates
  • Amateur Radio Plates
  • Antique or Classic Vehicle Tags
  • Disability License Plates
Each of these types of plates requires a special application and many times qualifications that must be met before you are eligible to receive these plates.

Disability Placards

Disability plates are a permanent form of proof that you should be parking in the disabled driver designated parking spaces, avoiding tickets and penalties for you, also indicating to other drivers that you are disabled and may need a bit more room or accommodations on the road ways. Disability placards are a temporary form of proof of eligibility for these parking spaces, and are attached to the vehicle inside from the rear view mirror or attached to the front or rear windshield. These placards must be renewed regularly to enjoy the parking accommodations and have various stipulations on use.

Surrendering Your License Plates

If you ever sell the vehicle, you definitely need to know whether the state wants their plates back, so contact the DMV before the sale to determine whether the plate stays with you, the new owner of the vehicle, or goes back to the DMV.