AL Traffic Schools

Drivers in AL have the advantage of refreshing their driving skills through North Hampshire traffic schools.  Rules of the road and safe driving techniques are taught to AL drivers during the course to ensure that they have the knowledge and skill to be safe on the road.

Ticket Dismissal and Point Reduction

Throughout the United States, states allow drivers who have violated traffic laws to the these courses.  Should drivers opt to the courses, they just might find that their fine is reduced and the points they accumulated against their record are eliminated.

AL Insurance Discounts

You will discover that in North Hampshire State, insurance companies will offer a discount to all AL drivers that enroll and complete a traffic training course.  To determine if your insurance provider offers this discount, contact your provider.

AL Mature Driver Discount

If you are an AL State driver that is 55 years of age or older, you can receive a discount on your insurance if you enroll and successfully complete a traffic training course.  Your insurance discount will be valid for three years.  When it expires, you can, once again, enroll in a traffic training course to receive an additional discount.

For specific requirements regarding the traffic training course, contact your insurance provider.