MS Change Address

Getting a change of address in MISSISSIPPI is required for different reasons:

·         Moving from one address to another within same county in MS

·         Moving from one address to another in another county in MS

·         Moving to MISSISSIPPI from another state or country

This MS change of address is going to take place in the DMV, and is separate from the change of address you complete with the postal office upon your move. Instead of transferring mail, you are transferring:

·         Your right to drive

·         Your driver’s documents

·         Your vehicle documents

·         Your mailing address for DMV materials, notices, and documents

If you are moving from out-of-state, you are also completing this DMV change of address to ensure that your previous state DMV records are able to be transferred to the new state, which means any notices for suspension, tickets, court dates, etc. You will still have to complete any conditions and report to that state’s DMV, but the MISSISSIPPI DMV will be able to treat your situation according to the most accurate driver information.

Change Address with MS DMV

Changing your address with the DMV in MISSISSIPPI is simple and takes just a few steps that can be completed in such a short time.

1.    Contact the MS DMV office to determine what options are available: fax, email, internet, mail, in-person.

2.    Determine the best method for you based on your schedule and convenience.

3.    Obtain change of address form from DMV – which may be available online.

4.    Complete the form entirely, adding new address.

5.    Complete change on driver’s license if applicable, as well as title and registration.

This address change is only going to update the DMV records, and will not issue new documents unless requested. If you wish to have new documents reflecting the address change, you can easily obtain the correct form from the DMV and receive new documents with the change on there. This goes for your license, registration, and vehicle title, as well as any disability or military documents you may have from the DMV.

Your DMV address change must be completed within the appropriate amount of time, as you could receive fines or other penalties for not completing it in time. At the same time, you will have to worry about your documents being sent to the wrong address, which can cost you time and cause you a bit of stress. If you don’t change the address at all, you could result in losing driving privileges if you aren’t aware of renewals or situations that may involve your license.