Mississippi Vehicle Registration

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First-Time MS Vehicle Registration

First time vehicle registration is required in Mississippi when:

  • You’ve just bought a vehicle
  • You’ve just moved to Mississippi
  • You’ve just received a vehicle as a gift or inheritance


Auto insurance is required by law, and 4DMV.com has set up our Insurance Center that is designed to provide you with all Mississippi state-specific information and where to shop for the best bargains.

Getting Your Paperwork Together

If you did not buy your automobile or truck from a dealer, then you will be the one to complete the vehicle registration paperwork. What you’ll need is:

  1. Your vehicle title.
  2. Vehicle Registration Application form which is only available at the county tax collector’s office.
  3. Odometer Disclosure Statement, if the odometer reading is not listed on the of the vehicle title.
  4. Bill of Sale.

Calculate Vehicle Registration Fees

A fee of $14 will be charged for a first time vehicle registration. Vehicle owners will also be required to pay various state and local fees and taxes which are based on their vehicle’s type, weight and value, as well as, where you complete your vehicle registration. The county tax collector’s office can be contacted for more information on fees.

License Plates

Vehicle owners don’t have to have the run of the mill plate. Custom plates are available for all drivers in Mississippi. For more information, visit 4DMV.com’s License Plates section.

Get a MS Vehicle Registration Tax Deduction

You may be eligible to deduct a portion of your vehicle registration fees, which helps many taxpayers. To find out more, visit IRS Publication 17 in Chapter 22.