MS Car Registration

Want to drive your car around MISSISSIPPI? Well, of course you will need a driver’s license to drive, but to operate a vehicle of your own in the state, vehicle registration is required. The first thing you want to do is determine the type of vehicle registration required for your specific vehicle, as cars and trucks are registered differently from commercial vehicles, boats, motorcycles, and other special vehicles including custom and classic vehicles.

First Time Registration in MS

If one of the following pertains to you, you will need to complete first time registration with the MISSISSIPPI DMV, which must be completed in office.

·         Just moved to MISSISSIPPI

·         Just purchased the vehicle you are registering

·         Just received the vehicle you are registering as a gift

·         Never registered the vehicle before, regardless of length of ownership

You must complete first time registration in the time allotted by the DMV, or you could face late fees that can increase your registration costs. That time limit begins the moment you enter the state, purchase or receive the vehicle, or take ownership of the vehicle in general. If you have had the vehicle for some time, you could face taxes and fees not introduced to those who register the vehicle as soon as it is purchased.

Vehicle Insurance

An auto insurance policy is required before registration is issued on your vehicle. Without auto insurance, or another form of financial responsibility, the state of MISSISSIPPI will not grant you the registration you need to operate the vehicle, meaning that you will have to settle for not driving your vehicle until insurance is purchased.

Just any auto insurance isn’t going to pass either. You must at least have the minimum liability coverage that is requested by the state, with higher and fuller coverage policies also available. If you are using self-insurance, you must ensure that the surety bond is paid in full to the DMV before your registration is approved.

Getting Your Registration Paperwork Together

To register your vehicle in MS, you will require the appropriate paperwork so that the MS DMV is able to process your request in a timely and accurate manner. If you are purchasing your new vehicle from a car dealership, that dealership will most times complete all the paperwork, even submitting to the DMV for you, while those who purchase or receive the vehicle privately are required to complete the process themselves.

If you are responsible for the registration process yourself, the following documents must be completed and submitted before your request is processed:

·         Vehicle Title

·         Proof of required auto insurance policy

·         Registration/Title application

·         Personalized tag application if desired

·         VIN and Emissions inspection certification for required vehicles

There is more or less paperwork required, all really depending on the vehicle that you are personally registering in the state.

If there are special requirements for your vehicle’s registration, the DMV can give you the details, so it is pertinent that you contact the MISSISSIPPI DMV before you begin the registration process.

MS Vehicle License Plates

While you are completing the process for your vehicle’s registration, you are also completing the process for the tags that will be added to the vehicle. Therefore, make sure you calculate the tag fees into your registration fees, considering the type of tags you wish to add. With various different types of vehicle plates, be sure of what you want before you arrive so you only have to complete the process one time.

Adding Your Stickers to Your License Plates

Once registration is completed, your stickers are issued by the DMV and must be immediately affixed to your license plates. These stickers signify that your plates are indeed up-to-date, allowing law enforcement to ensure that the vehicle is properly registered with the state.

Registration Tax Credit

If you are interested in the tax credit offered on the registration fees you pay, the vehicle’s registration costs must be calculated in a manner that offers this credit. Some states don’t offer such credits, so check with your DMV or even a tax attorney to determine your eligibility.