MN Laws & Attorneys

Just because you have your driver’s license doesn’t mean that you have nothing more to think of. You have several laws and regulations that control your driving and ensure that you only practice the safest driving possible – but if you fail to abide by these laws, you get the consequences, which can vary from offense to offense.

If you don’t understand the laws of MINNESOTA driver’s you could experience great confusion when it comes to handling your court cases or violations, which could end up being a bit costly for you. Fines, suspension, revocation, cancellation, driver training courses, and other penalties are always possible, and you can get the help of an experienced traffic attorney to ensure that you not only understand the laws you have broken, but also how to handle your case most effectively.

Learning MINNESOTA Driver Rules and Traffic Laws

Before you are even issued your photo driver’s license, there is a bit of information that should be learned first. The MN traffic laws and driving rules are very first on the list of important information for getting your driver’s license, and you will be quizzed on the information during your written exam. Even after you have gotten your driver’s license, these driver laws and regulations are very important and should still be looked upon for guidance inn your choices on the road.

If you would like to read up on the traffic laws and regulations of MINNESOTA, there are a few resources that can ensure your driver’s license is void of violations and DMV points – as well as your driver’s record.

·         Basic Driver’s Handbook

·         Commercial Driver’s Manual

·         Motorcycle Operator’s Manual

·         MINNESOTA Vehicle Code

The MN Vehicle Code offers a more comprehensive coverage of the state’s traffic laws and legislations, explaining in more legal jargon – so be sure you always use a traffic law attorney when you are in a legal situation due to on-road offenses.

DUI/DWI Laws and Attorneys

There are many different offenses that you could commit as a driver in MINNESOTA, but there is one charge that can easily cause you to lose your license altogether: DUI/DWI.

·         Driving Under the Influence; Over the Limit: Driving with a BAC of or more than 0.08%

·         Driving While Impaired: Regardless of BAC level, driving while impaired or judgment is decreased

·         Implied Consent Law: Signing driver’s license is implied consent for blood alcohol testing, with refusal an automatic charge

·         Zero Tolerance Law: Drivers under 21 with BAC of or more than 0.02% or driving while intoxicated or impaired

There are many different penalties that come in line with a DUI/DWI conviction, including:

·         Probation

·         Traffic Fines

·         Jail Time

·         Ignition Interlock Device

·         License Suspension

·         License Revocation

·         License Cancellation

·         Loss of License Endorsement

·         Loss of Commercial License Eligibility

·         Drug and Alcohol Treatment

·         Driver Awareness Training

Not all these penalties are assigned to all drivers convicted of a DUI or DWI, but are likely and highly possible.

If you find yourself in a bind with a DUI/DWI charge, you definitely want to find a great MINNESOTA DUI attorney to stand by your side, as the penalties are so great and can be handed down with great strictness. You definitely want a competent lawyer to help negotiate a lighter charge that doesn’t strip you of your privileges to drive altogether.

Personal Injuries and Attorneys

Some of the most common traffic cases seen are those that have to do with personal injury, in which a personal injury lawyer is the best tool for the result or outcome, you most desire or expect. There are several violations that could be congruent with your case, including:

·         Reckless Driving

·         Speeding

·         Driving without License

·         Failure to Stop

·         Failure to Yield

·         Hit and Run

·         Improper Lane Changing

·         Tailgating

·         DUI/DWI

If you are involved in a personal injury case, whether the defendant or the victim of injuries, you want to consult with an attorney to find out the best course of action you should take.