Securing Your Dealership License realizes that when you are interested in securing a dealership license it can be one of the most confusing times in your life. There is not only a lot of legal formalities, you must know the terminology used throughout the process. has taken all the legal jargon and formatted it into an easy to understand guide to help you through each step of the process.

With we provide easy to read guidelines in securing a dealership license that are easy to understand. We provide you the knowledge you need to know, without having to secure a lawyer to translate what is being said. We include the facts, what requirements are necessary and we make each step simple.

In each of our pages here on we offer separate categories: including items such as state regulations and a tax and tag calculator. This is simply so we can convey the information you need in an easy to follow format. You will find the information you need for licensing requirements, dealer forms and dealer related information and more. And, we convey the actual facts. The knowledge you need to know. There is nothing generalized here, only information specific to your state. If you plan on running an in-house repair shop, check out our automotive repair and service section.

There are many aspects that must be considered when securing a dealership license, because there are specific guidelines and regulations for each state. From complicated matters to simple matters such as the size of street signs and the number of telephone lines that a dealership must have to important forms and legal requirements. We will also provide you with tips and tricks on the Lemon Laws within your state and the need for factual advertising. will also direct you to the necessary forms that are needed when applying for a dealerships and all other important forms which will save you the tedious hours in research. All information and required documents for buying and selling a vehicle as well as dealer forms that are specific to your state, are conveniently brought to you by