Each state in the United States has set a legal limit of .08% BAC- Blood Alcohol Concentration for driving under the influence of alcohol. If a driver is pulled over for suspicion of drunk driving, and their BAC level is .08% or above, they will be found guilty of driving under the influence of alcohol. For commercial drivers the Blood Alcohol Concentration level is set lower at .04% and for drivers under the age of 21 there is zero tolerance granted and any amount of alcohol found in their systems will be grounds for a DUI arrest. DUI arrests are a serious driving violation and must be handled with the utmost care, including retaining a DUI Attorney.
When you find yourself faced with a DUI arrest, it is emotional and traumatic, on top of the warrants given and points that will be added to your DMV point record. There is most often an overnight stay in jail. There are expensive fines. Your insurance rates go up. It creates a hardship on the person that is often experienced for a great length of time. Because DUI arrest is one of the worst marks you can have on your driving record it is highly recommended that you do everything in your power to lessen the offense. DUI and DWI attorneys can help. These are specialized attorneys who work in the defense of the DUI driver.

4DMV.com realizes the importance of you having the necessary knowledge regarding your DUI arrest. We have compiled information with each state’s guidelines and regulations, will show you the penalties involved for driving under the influence, and how your DUI arrest may affect you. We will also connect you with reputable DUI and DWI attorneys that will help eliminate or lessen your DUI arrest. More information on other topics relating to traffic tickets and traffic violations can be found on 4DMV.com.